Jeepers I have been a busy lass!

Jeepers I have been a busy lass!

Well hello, how are you? Pull up a chair, the kettle has boiled. I thought I'd check in with you and tell you about a couple of up coming thingies.

We have been supremely busy here at Nerdy Towers. We have been travelling up and down the country sharing our shiny stuff and meeting marvelous people, both customers and traders. We also took time out to go visiting the Paris House of Mouse in February, and doing a European road trip in June. 

From August, the bigger pieces will be marked with an "NML" tag going forward, you know it's one of mine. It's been drawn to my attention that I may need to do that.

At the time of posting, we are ridiculously close to 1000 Facebook followers. If we manage it there will be a 10% discount on this site. The discount will only apply to items that are ready made, not bespoke. The discount will also not apply to the physical stall as we obviously have a lot move overheads when we trade face to face.

Also, we have always been, and will always continue to be allies of the LGBTQ+ community and are very happy to make bespoke jewellery to help express who people are. Love is love and is all that matters.

Right, I will go and get the biscuits...

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