It's Here!

Well would you believe it? I finally got my ducks in a row and sorted out a website. Just for clarification, I don’t actually have ducks. Ducks would be a delight. Generally, what I have is a bunch of rabid squirrels left to their own devices in a warehouse full of hazelnuts. I’m also a luddite...


Many hours have been spent swearing and shouting “Why/What does that even mean/Why won’t you just work?” (Delete as applicable) at a screen. I have given myself a squint to try and get a decent photo. I have agonised about how to attach an SKU code to a pair of earrings. All of this while trying to convince Nerdymakercat aka Lily the Bengal cat and my official employer, that the stock boxes, display cloths and the laptop itself are not hers.


Finally, it’s ready to rock and roll. Please remember I’m a one-woman band. There may be occasions when the site will be closed (Christmas, Family holidays, when I am diagnosed with bubonic plague… people call it the common cold but we all know.) If there are any issues with your order, I will contact you as quickly as I can to fix things. Nerdymakerlady isn’t just a brand. Nerdymakerlady is who I am and is a part of our family. I hope it becomes something other people love as well.


Nerdy Out.


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